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Water For

Your Life


Alkaline Water has a myriad of benefits from improving immune system to reducing acidity and muscle cramps. The antioxidant properties of Alkaline AquaTatva Water helps solve a lot of health issues that people face in day to day life.

AquaTatva Is Multipurpose


It is a well cited anecdote, that the water from the river Ganga is all nourishing, detoxifying, and rejuvinates the Soul....
However, little know fact about the water that flows through the river Ganga is that it is micro-clustered and has a pH value of 9.5 which makes it Alkaline.
Get the nourishing waters like river Ganga flowing through your home.
Join us in our mission to make Human Life Easy And Healthy.

Scientific Studies on the Benefits of Alkaline Water

PH Chart.png
Minimum Body pH

Common sense guides us to believe that quality is more important that quantity. This is true for drinking water as well. AquaTatva’s ionization process generates clean, smooth, and ionized alkaline water of pH 8.5 or higher. AquaTatva water is, in brief, more effective at re-hydrating the body.

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