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The Mysteries of Ionized Water

It is amazing that our body will adjust itself to get with the environment. At the initial stage of tasting alkaline ion water, we suggest setting on the PH 8 and try one cup for one day only then increase the volume by and by to fit your body condition. After two weeks consumption, you may increase the PH value gradually but above the PH 10 is not recommended. Please consult to your doctor or pharmacist.
The alkaline ion water is not suitable for the people who have the symptom of hypo-acidity (hypochlorhydria) or stomach excision.


The application of alkaline ion water


Can Alkaline ion water to be applied to the cancer symptom?

We absorb many carcinogenic substances into our bodies. When we use chlorine as an aseptic substance to control the pollution of water sources, the carcinogenic substance of trihalomethanes (THMs) is formed.


When the body's cells are in disarray or are not adequately supplied with nutrients, the cancer symptoms generally occur. Water can activate our physiological functions by adjusting the nutrient supply and dissipating or mitigating the unusual stimuli. Old people are always naturally trapped in a chronic state of dehydration. Therefore, consuming enough alkaline Ionized  water is good for health and makes the shadow of cancer symptoms disappear.


Alkaline ion water applies to the diabetes symptom?

Feeling thirsty is a sign of diabetes. Please drink alkaline ionized water instead of juice, because sugary drinks aggravate the symptom.


Obesity is another factor that causes diabetes symptom. Drink alkaline Ionized water to curb obesity, because drinking it stimulates the brain to get a feeling of satiety and stop eating, and at the same time, the digestive water passes through all organs and discharges metabolic waste in the form of urine and feces. The alkaline water can speed up the metabolism and facilitate fat loss.


Alkaline ion water applies to the high blood pressure symptom?

On the other hand, high diastolic pressure is caused by hardening of the arteries. Drink alkaline ionized water to dissolve the hardening factors. The reasons for high blood pressure include too salty diet, insufficient exercise, psychological pressure and smoking, but any reason that causes blood turbidity can be solved by drinking plenty of alkaline ionized water.

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