Facts About Water

Safety and health of our family is everyone’s first priority. And when the question pertains to drinking water, most of us “feel” safe with the well-advertised purifiers and bottled products. But the question remains . . . Is that water good enough? Let’s gain some insight here.

All forms of water available – tap, bottled, and distilled — are acidic in nature, that is, their pH is less than 7. Is this good? No, it isn’t. Consumption of acidic water is known to cause the modern-household illnesses such as acidity, fatigue, constipation, headaches with unknown cause, and premature aging. The harmful effects aren’t limited to these minimally disabling illnesses. Reports also suggest an increase in rates of arthritis, immune dysfunction, premature aging, and cancer.

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Increases Hydration

The process of ionization reduces the size of water molecule by two-thirds and renders it hexagonal. The smaller clusters thus formed can easily hydrate body cells, enhancing waste removal.

Balance body pH

AquaTatva water increases tap water pH by ionizing or splitting the water molecule (H2O), resulting in formation of H+ ions (hydrogen with a positive electric charge) and OH- ions (hydroxyl with a negative electrical charge ), as well as alkaline minerals.

Increases blood oxygenation

AquaTatva produces water rich in hydroxyl ions (OH-) which donate free electrons to unstable oxygen free radicals; this results in stable oxygen molecules. Experts opine that drinking AquaTatva water will increase the amount of oxygen in blood.

Neutralizes harmful free radicals

AquaTatva provides extra electrons that neutralize the destructive free radicals circulating in our body.

Increases antioxidants

 AquaTatva water has a high negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential ). This 
property of water makes AquaTatva water, and consequently the body cells, rich in antioxidants.